So, I’m here at the airport, frantically trying to get in both my blogs for the week before I got to internet-less Missouri (or an apartment there, to be exact).  I’ve prepped my iPod, packed one suitcase with precision, and am eating the traditional McDonalds breakfast before boarding.  (Wish I had seen the Einstein bagel, grrrrr >(. )  Flying is always a unique experience for me, because I hate it so much.  Last time I was on a plane, my Mom happened to be there (Thanksgiving trip with the family, it never happens like that), so she played with my hair to keep my calm through take off.  Before you get concerned, I don’t have an anxiety attack or anything like that.  I just kind of get nervous enough to REALLY need my music (which I’m not allowed, of course) or some sort of comfort system.  Breathing seems to help, but it’s a poor substitute for stuffed animals (in the bag), music, or Mom  playing with my hair.

Thankfully, the end of the flight is a  much happier occasion this day.  My roommate from college, who I mentioned last October (quote: “My own roommate just, and I mean just, got into a steady relationship and already people are laying bets on the date of her engagement.  I’m all for those two figuring it out on their own, whether it’s right for them to marry at all, much less the whens and wheres of it, but even I’ll admit that it’s pretty solid that these two are getting together.”), is indeed marrying that boy on Saturday.  This is a much better result to flying than school or a funeral.

I don’t  know if  that’ll help at all with my take-off anxiety.  It certainly won’t take away the pressure during take-off, and that’s what bothers me the most about flying, but it’ll be a little bit like Peter Pan and my happy thoughts, or maybe Uncle Remus and the laughing place.  I’ll have that exciting place to go to as I find myself in less than favorable circumstances.

I guess that’s what life’s  all about.  Looking forward when looking around is just a little too much to handle.   It may be far away, but it’s there.

See you next week!!