If anyone I knows dies suspiciously in the next couple months, please do not take this as a confession.  Killage is my personal term for mental dealings with high-level annoyance.  If I truly meant to hurt someone, I would not be in a good enough mood to use the word “killage.”

That being said – there will be killage soon if people don’t stop being cryptic or reading into things where there is nothing to read into.   I’ve, admittedly, always been the type to get defensive about dating, love, and all that emotional crap.  I’m not a cooer or a sigher.  I’m just a little too much tomboy for that.  I’m a little too practical about dating, love, and all that emotional crap–this is why I go on the defensive when people talk to me about my love life.  I’m not interested in being emotionally picked at when, to be honest, I have very little emotions on the subject.

There is nothing to be done about it, though.  I have one friend who has been deliberately cryptic AND deliberately physically close for the last few weeks.  I’m a little creeped out, but I’m trying not to read too deeply into his actions in case they’re not related.  On the other side, I have a friend who I have talked to more in the last two weeks than I had in months, mostly because he was never around in those previous months.  Also, he’s been more active on facebook lately (for the same reason he’s now around more often), and he’s been a total science geek within his statuses.  I am a sucker for a good science joke.  There is nothing more to it than that.  However, I have people reading into my actions as if I have ulterior motives in my status commenting!  This is why I’m tempted to give up my facebook account!

In the interest of being entirely honest, I have crush of as of yet undetermined strength on the second young man.  However, it is not this crush that makes me look at his statuses – they show up in my cue and I respond to the wonderfulness of the science geekery.  On the same day as I commented on one of his statuses, I commented on the science themed status of my younger brother.  I am indiscriminate in my science geek love.  But no, I must be crushing super hard on this kid, there’s no other reason I might be commenting on his profile!

I guess my whole point of this post is a question: Why is it assumed, in our culture, that a series of random events must be ordered and purposeful, especially if it has anything to do with dating?  Several random posts, with several random moments that I happened to see them engendered answers.  There is nothing I can do about timing.

My request to all is this:  please understand that sometimes, when something looks simple, it just might be.  Creating complications in the world of dating that do not naturally exist is harmful, seeing as dating is so very complicated that most people want to beat the ever-loving crap out of the abstract concept–much less the more annoying people involved.  No extra complications, no killage.  No killage, and I can get back to my dating life–which isn’t so simple, but it is simpler than it seems.  Ta!